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About Us

Auntie Me is a 100% organic, happy, soft-tone coloured, artistic line for modern babies to look and feel good. The brand gives a sense that everything is connected to each other; human beings, the animals, the plants and the universe. Auntie Me merges hand drawn graphic illustrations and imagination, offering unique clothing which are earth-friendly and honest. The collection consists of quality basics which are made with the softest fabrics. The shapes are comfortable, making dressing easy for the baby and the mama. Enjoy shopping for pieces that are as special and unique as your little one.



Irmak Savran
Pınar Savran Yenerer
Award-Winning Designer + World Traveler Who Lived in New York, Milan, and London
Esteemed Accessories Designer + Award-Winning Mom

Sisters Irmak and Pinar came up with the idea behind Auntie Me while Pinar, the eldest child, gave birth to a premature baby in Berlin at only 26 weeks old. Having looked everywhere, she was unable to find any stylish, organic premature baby clothes. Both designers, Irmak and Pinar decided to solve the problem themselves, and Irmak, the young aunt, was inspired by her nephew and Auntie Me was born.

They now create and produce their own high-quality baby wear collection with locally-sourced organic cotton from their hometown of Izmir, Turkey. Izmir offers the full range of textile manufacturing processes from organic cotton growing, to spinning, manufacturing, and garment making. They hope to be able to take an advantage of such an ideal manufacturing system and hope to bring their beloved brand to the masses for all to enjoy!