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Auntie Me is a 100% organic, happy, soft-tone coloured, artistic line for modern babies to look and feel good. The brand gives a sense that everything is connected to each other; human beings, the animals, the plants and the universe. Auntie Me merges hand drawn graphic illustrations and imagination, offering unique clothing which are earth-friendly and honest. The collection consists of quality basics which are made with the softest fabrics. The shapes are comfortable, making dressing easy for the baby and the mama. Enjoy shopping for pieces that are as special and unique as your little one.


Auntie Me’s products are sustainable. Non-conventional materials are used and all the fabrics are made from 100% organic cotton and are certified. Organic farming offers safe and sustainable materials that deliver benefits to the environment, the consumer and the global community.

We pride ourselves on getting each and every detail right. The trims, labeling and packing of every product are as important as the fabrics themselves. All these materials are organic, recycled and biodegradable 

We believe in quality starting from the source. We only use the best material supplies to ensure the best possible quality Auntie Me products. We care about the wellbeing of every person in the supply chain and ensure that all labor is done in a safe working environment and at a living wage